Condo Insurance Insights For Property Managers

Condo Insurance Insights For Property Managers


Condominium insurance, often referred to as condo insurance, is a critical aspect of property management that is often misunderstood or overlooked. Property managers are tasked with ensuring that the condominium complex is adequately protected, and this includes understanding the nuances of condo insurance. Here, we will unravel the complexities of condo insurance and provide insights for property managers to navigate this essential aspect of their role. View this site to know about condo management companies in detail.

Understanding condo insurance basics

Condo insurance is unique because it involves both individual unit owners and the condominium association as a whole. Property managers should have a clear grasp of the following fundamental components:

Master policy: Condo associations typically carry a master insurance policy that covers common areas, building exteriors, and liability for the association. Property managers need to understand the coverage and limits of this policy.

Individual unit policies: Each unit owner is responsible for obtaining their own insurance policy, often referred to as an HO-6 policy. This policy covers the interior of the unit, personal belongings, and provides personal liability coverage.

Evaluating master policies

Property managers should carefully review the condo association’s master policy. Understanding the coverage provided by this policy is crucial, as it may affect the association’s overall insurance needs and cost considerations. The master policy may be categorized as “all-in” or “bare walls-in,” which determines the scope of coverage.

Coordinating with unit owners

Property managers should promote awareness among unit owners regarding their insurance responsibilities. They should ensure that unit owners obtain the necessary HO-6 policies and that these policies meet any requirements stipulated by the condo association.

Liability and deductibles

Property managers should pay attention to the liability coverage provided by the master policy, as it may affect the association’s risk exposure. Additionally, managers need to be aware of any deductibles in the master policy, as they may impact the association’s budgeting for potential claims.

Additional coverage needs

Depending on the specific characteristics of the condominium complex, property managers should assess whether additional insurance coverage is necessary. This might include coverage for earthquake damage, flooding, or other hazards that are not typically included in standard policies.

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